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What are the differences between Tasks, Events, and Time Blocks?
What are the differences between Tasks, Events, and Time Blocks?
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When you are working with items that begin and end at a certain time, you can create or import them in Marvin as Tasks, Time Blocks, or Events. It can be a bit confusing when to use what, but this article should set things straight. For more info, check out the strategy descriptions for Events and Time Blocks, or search the help center.

A Time Block time that you block out for a particular type of work. For example, if you're a student, you might block out one hour each day for Homework, and another for Reading. If you're a teacher, you might block out an afternoon for grading. If you're a small business owner, you might block out 3 hours on Sunday for doing admin work. In other words, a time block isn't a specific task that you can check off, but rather time reserved for doing certain types of tasks.

An Event is a thing that happens at a particular point in time, but that you don't check off to complete. This might be a meeting, a doctor's appointment, or a dinner date. Events don't show up in the sections of your day list, but rather at the top in a top mini list, as well as in the agenda/calendar.

Tasks are different from Events in that you can check them off, and they live within sections of your day view. Additionally, you can access tasks in smart lists, organize them in your master list, and apply many of Marvin's extra productivity features, like prioritization, frog, procrastination count, dependencies, due dates, etc.

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