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Tracking your progress on a goal

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Two trackers

Trackers are a great way to track your progress on a goal and you can add them by clicking on the "Add tracker" button.

Adding a new tracker in a goal

When creating a tracker, after you enter the name for it you'll be asked to set the Tracker Type:

Choosing whether the tracker is for recording a number or a rating

Use a Rating when you want to measure something from time to time by rating it (e.g. mood, energy). Use a Number when you have a current value and a goal value (e.g. weight).

With the Number option picked, you'll have an additional option that lets you make the tracker a cumulative one. If checked, then when updating the tracker you will be prompted to enter a number to add to the current total (e.g. you are tracking the number of total push-ups you've done this year). If unchecked, then when updating the tracker you will be prompted to enter the new value (e.g. when tracking your current weight).

Current Value / Target Value / Units

Setting the current and target value

Here you enter the starting/current value and the target value. In the "Units" box you can enter what you're tracking. So if you're tracking your weight, you can enter kg or lb, or enter USD if you're tracking how much money you saved this year.

The current value can also be set to be larger than the target value for cases such as losing weight, tracking your debt, etc.

Show As

You can choose to have a tracker displayed as a progress bar, as shown in the first picture, or as a graph:

Tracker displayed as a graph


For the deadline you can pick a date but you don't have to. If you pick one, then its will be set as the date on the right side of the graph. In case your goal has a deadline, then the Goal's deadline will be used unless you manually specify it.

Configure when Marvin prompts you to record the Tracker

Here you can choose whether you want to be prompted to record the tracker, and if so, when.

Configuring whether Marvin prompts you to record the tracker

If you choose "X times/week" you will be able to specify days and if you choose "Monthly", then the day you want to be prompted to record it.

For the optional time range you can choose during which time you want to be prompted to record it. If you forget to record it, you can always do it from the goal where this tracker belongs.

Auto-hiding the tracker is used for hiding it from day view.

There are X Trackers to update today

Propt for recording trackers in the Day View

You will see this message in your day view if you choose to be prompted to record the tracker(s). Once you click on it, you can record the new value for each of your trackers. If you check the "Auto-hide for the day once tracker recorded" option, it will disappear once you record it.

Recording the new value for a tracker

Other options

When you hover over the tracker, you'll see the ellipsis () icon on the top-right. Clicking on it will open the context menu where you can edit the tracker, undo the last recorded value, edit history, add it to a goal or delete it.

Tracker context menu

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