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Track how many pomodoro sessions you do each day

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With this strategy you can set a daily tomato session goal. Marvin will then show you how many tomato sessions you've completed, and even optionally show an animation once you've reached your goal.

Tomato session is a period of focused work, followed by a period of break time which can be started using the Timers strategy.

After you go to โ˜ฐ โ†’ Strategies and turn this strategy on, on the top in your day view you will see how many tomato sessions you have done.

You can start the tomato sessions either by clicking on the tomato tracker on the top or by including work and break time as well as the repeat cycle in the task's title.

Confirm tomato completion

It is recommended that you turn on the "Confirm tomato completion" setting (in the Timers strategy settings) so that Marvin won't track a tomato session that you ended up not completing!

Changing the daily goal

How many sessions should you set as your goal? This depends on how long your tomato sessions are and how many hours of productive work you do. Six 25m/5m sessions is a great place to start!

If you want to do more sessions each day, you can change this in the Tomato Tracker strategy settings.

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