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Theming strategy in ☰ → Strategies

This strategy allows you to give a day, a week, a month, or a custom time period a specific theme you want to focus on. Theming is helpful when you wear many different hats and often struggle on with deciding on what front to make progress on. It narrows your choices for each day and gives you a specific area to focus on.

Adding themes

After you enable the strategy by going to ☰ → Strategies → Theming, click on the settings icon to add your first theme. Themes can be either ungrouped or be a part of a group.

To add a theme, click on the plus button and name it and to create a group, click on the "Add Group" button on the bottom. To drag a theme to a group, you can either drag & drop it, or choose the theme in the settings.

Edit settings

To get to the "Edit settings" panel just hover over a theme and click on the settings icon. Clicking on the "pick a week" or "pick a month" links will let you make the theme active for just that time period. If you wish to make it last longer, or indefinitely, use the "Start on" and "Stop on" options. To set the recurrence, enter the name of the days on which you want to see it on. Using the group dropdown you can add a theme to a group.


Groups can be useful for better organizing related themes. For example, if you're working on a product you can create a theme for each workday so you have an easier time remembering on what you should be working on.

Themes in the day & calendar view

Your themes will be displayed above the Today list, as shown in the previous image. If you're using the calendar, they will be displayed above each day in day, work week, and week view.

Additional Settings

If you wish to manually choose what to focus on each day check the "Show picker in day view" option at the bottom of the settings.

With that option checked, you will see the "What are you going to work on today?" message in your day view.

When you click on the "Pick Theme" button you'll be able to select themes for the day you're viewing.

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