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Day Planning

Plan one day at a time

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Day Planning strategy

This strategy shows you an alert each day to remind you to plan your day. Clicking the "Plan day" button opens the Master List sidebar on the left that lets you drag and drop tasks/projects into your day.

Plan day button in the main view

Available time & planning details

During planning this strategy shows you how much available time you have and how full your schedule is. This helps you to make a realistic to-do list for the day.

Available time and average duration of completed items

Tasks - Big number displays the number of scheduled tasks, while the small one displays the average number of completed tasks over the last 30 days.

Projects - Same as with tasks.

Duration - Big number represents the sum of duration estimates of items scheduled for today. Tasks without the duration estimate are worth 20 minutes while projects are worth 45 minutes. Small number is the average duration of completed tasks over the last 30 days. Time tracking data will be used if available, else time estimates, else a rough estimate.

Events - Total duration of events scheduled during your work hours. Events scheduled during that time reduce the amount of available work hours.

Emoji meanings

πŸ™‚ & 🀩 - These two emojis are based on the average duration of your completed tasks. πŸ™‚ represents the average while 🀩 (an above-average day) is 40 minutes more than your average day.

😱 - Total of available work hours.

Scheduling tasks using the Day Planning sidebar

Clicking on the "Plan Day" button will open the Master List sidebar from which you can drag tasks into your day.

Using Day Planning strategy

Accidentally dismissed the day planning? Here's how to bring it back!

To bring the "Plan day" button and planning details back, open the Quick Add menu, type _planDay, and press enter as if you're creating a task. After you do that, restart the app and you should see the "Plan day" button again.

Restoring the day planning button
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