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Top of Mind

See your next step in a always visible mini window.

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This strategy can help you stay on task by displaying it in a small window that is always visible on your screen.

Using top of mind strategy exaple

You can click the x to make the window go away, or the external link square icon that's near the bottom to return to Marvin. Click anywhere within Marvin to re-open this window. It's also possible to resize the window

Strategy settings

In the strategy settings you can choose what task to show in the window: what you are tracking, a suggested task, your current time block, what's up next in your day, or the first task in a smart list.

Top of Mind strategy settings

By checking "Always show Tracked Task" or "Always show current item in Super Focus Mode" Marvin will give priority to the task that's tracked or the one that's in super focus mode. And if "Use Category Color" is not checked, Marvin will use the color of the theme for the background color.

Timers & tracked time

If you're also using a timer or doing the time tracking, the remaining timer time or tracked time will be displayed in the external window.

Remaining timer time in Top of Mind external window

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