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What is "pre"?

How to use future versions of Marvin early and help us beta test new features.

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While we develop Marvin, we often release new versions to our pre-release channel. You can access it by adding "pre" to Marvin's URL:

We often point users there when we fix bugs or add small new features so that they can be tested and/or used right away.

Each time you load pre, you'll see a brief warning message indicating that you should make regular backups. This is shown to indicate that pre tends to be a bit less stable than normal. Probably you won't lose any data, but making backups is a good idea in any case! If you use the desktop application, then automatic backups are enabled by default.

There isn't currently a pre-release channel for our desktop apps, but this is planned.

Thanks for helping us test! If you find a bug (in the app, or on pre), please use ? โ†’ Contact Support (or just email us).

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