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Shared lists - for nonusers of Marvin
Shared lists - for nonusers of Marvin

Working on tasks that a Marvin user shared with you

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Someone shared a list of their tasks in Marvin that they need your help with, but you're not sure where to start? This short article explains how you can get started.

Changing your name

By default, when someone shares a list with you, everything you do with tasks in that list will be marked with the "Anonymous" name. To change that, click on the "Anonymous" text and enter your name.

Changing "Editing as" name

Completing Tasks

To mark a task as done, simply click on the checkbox.

Adding Comments

To add a comment, move your mouse cursor over a task and on its right side you will see a few buttons. To add a comment click on the comments button.

Writing comment for a task that was shared with you

Please keep in mind that depending on the shared list's permissions you might not be able to leave comments or attach documents.

Note Editing

To create or edit a note, click on the "Toggle Note" hover button. Marvin uses Markdown for notes but you can click on the "+" button or type "/" to format the text.

Editing a note of a shared task

Deleting a task

If permissions allow you to delete a task, just click on the "Delete" button.

Deleting a shared task

Switching between shared lists

In case more lists were shared with you, to switch between them click on the menu icon (☰) on the top-left and choose the list you want to display.

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