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This browser extension was built with the intention to help you quickly add tasks to your Marvin account without having to open the app. Besides being able to add new tasks to Marvin, it also allows you to:

  • See your daily list of tasks

  • Add emails to Marvin from Gmail

  • Add snippets of selected text to Marvin in just two clicks


Badge with the number of tasks for today


Gmail Addon - lets you add emails to Marvin, both from the list of emails and from the single email view. You will see a message at the bottom of the page to let you know that the task was successfully created.


Context menu buttons - you can add a new task to Marvin by highlighting text on the page, right-clicking and clicking on "Add task to Marvin" button in the context menu. The task will be created using the following rules:

  • The title is a hyperlink containing the page title and the URL of the page where the text was selected

  • The note is the selected text

Context Menu

Extension also comes with a dedicated options page where you can configure the following:

  • Which buttons/inputs are visible in the Add Task view

  • Add/Change/Remove your API token

  • Force sync categories and labels

  • Choose where "Add to Marvin" button will be displayed in Gmail UI and whether the task will get scheduled for today


Auto-populate task title and note

If you'd like to add tasks that link to a webpage, or save some text from the page you're visiting, enabling the "Auto-populate Task Title/Note Input" settings will make that easier. With these settings enabled, the URL of the current page and selected text will be automatically added to the task's title and note.

Enabling permissions in Firefox

If you're using this extension in Firefox, you might have to enable certain permissions to be able to use all features in the extension. You can do that by right-clicking on the extension icon and then on "Manage Extension.

After that, you can configure permissions in the permissions tab:

Here's a breakdown for what each of these permissions does:

  • Access your data for all websites - this permission is used for the Context Menu buttons so that you can create a task from any website

  • Access your data for - this is needed for completing your tasks using the extension pop-up window

  • Access your data for *:// - this permission is used so that you can add your Gmail emails to Marvin as tasks

If you have any suggestions, or run into a problem, please send us an email, or contact support from within the web or the desktop app (? โ†’ Contact Support).

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