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How to pick Strategies

Learn how to use the strategies

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Since there are a lot of strategies it can be a bit overwhelming at first to figure out which ones to turn on.

But no worries, Marvin works great even without any of the strategies turned on. And it is best to start simple and then add things as the need arises.

The strategies are grouped. You can read about each group by hovering over the question mark symbol. The strategies in the basic group are ones that many users use and are part of most to-do app.

Each strategy has a number of tags that describe which productivity hurdle this strategy can help with (e.g. procrastination, overwhelm, focus, time management etc.) and the general nature of the strategy (e.g. project, structure, overview etc.)

Learning more about a strategy

When you click on a strategy you can read about it.

Most of the strategies also have a video (click video tab on the left) and a link to the help center article for that strategy.

It's also very helpful to read our blog or check out the workflow library to get fresh ideas on what strategies could work for you. Our community on facebook also regularly discusses strategies.

How to use strategies in your workflow

Finding what works for you takes time. It’s all about trial and error. 

We recommend checking out the workflow library that comes with some setup templates you can enable with one click. This allows you to try different workflows without dealing with setting up the strategies.

The nice thing about strategies is that they add a lot of flexibility to your workflow and can help to keep things fresh and interesting. A lot of people change up their strategies regularly. Our workload and the issues we face can change over time. Once you are familiar with most of the strategies you can even adjust them to fit your specific mood that day.

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