Turning on the day note strategy gives you a note space at the top of your day view.

How to show/hide the day note

You can toggle the day note with the note icon that pops up when you hover with your mouse in the middle right of your screen.

How to edit the day note

To edit the day note you can click on the day note field at the top of your day and edit it like regular text. 

When there is no text yet in your day note, you will see a placeholder text.

How to edit text in the day note

You can use the same formatting options in the day note as you can use in regular task/projects notes.

To apply a formatting option hold the cmd/ctrl key and press the following letters:

boldface (b)
italics (i)
underline (u)
center (e)
increase size (j)
decrease size (h)
strikethrough (shift+x)

To edit text you can either highlight the text first and then do the formatting command or do the command and start typing with the style applied to the new text. 

How to change the background color of your day note

In the settings of the day note strategy you can choose if you want your day note to have a transparent background or a white background:

How to have use a template for your day note

In the strategy settings for the day note you can specify a template for your day note. This template will be automatically added as a default to a day note in the future.

You can edit the day note as normal and it will only change the one day note. 

Make sure you save the day note template by clicking outside the text area after you are done. Once you don't see the cursor anymore inside the day note template area, the template is saved.

How to access all your day notes

If you are using the day notes as a diary or anything you want to have access to later, turn on the day notes archive option on the strategy settings

Turning on the archive gives you access to a day note archive through the menu at the top right:

The day note archive shows you all your day notes by month:

You can edit the day notes from the archive.

Can I export my day notes?

To export your notes you should go to strategy settings (☰ 🡒 Strategies 🡒 Day Note) and at the bottom you will find two options for exporting your day notes, as text files or as HTML files.

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