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Assign a crown to your current most important projects (MIPs)

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Turning on the MIP strategy allows you to assign a crown to a limited number of projects to make them your "most important projects".

How to assign crowns to projects

To assign a crown to a project, click on the edit icon in the hover menu or right-click menu and then select the crown at the bottom right. 

How to add a limit to the number of MIPs

In the strategy settings you can set the max number of MIPs you can have at any one time. If you want to assign a new crown when you already have 3 MIPs and your limit is 3, you need to first complete a MIP or take away a crown from one of the MIPs to be able to assign the crown to another project. 

The limit can be adjusted anytime. 

How you can tell a project is a MIP

A MIP will have a crown on top of the regular flag icon. 

Displaying MIPs in your day view

To always have your most important projects displayed in the day view, activate the Project Shortcuts strategy and choose the "Show MIPs" option.

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