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Have MIPs or other projects show up in your day view

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Projects Shortcuts strategy (☰ β†’ Strategies β†’ Project Shortcuts) can be used to display either the Most Important Projects (MIPS) or projects that match a specific smart list above your Today list.

How to toggle MIPs in your day view

You can hide/show them via the project flag icon that you can find in the hover menu on the far right.

As shown on the screenshot, you can also enter the strategy settings by alt-clicking on this button.

Choosing which projects get displayed

When you enter the strategy settings, you can choose one of these two options.

Show MIPS option in Projects Shortcuts

If you choose the second option, Marvin will tell you how many projects will be displayed.

Visual Settings

In the strategy settings, you can choose how projects will be displayed and also what the number inside the shape will represent.

Hovering over the project radials

If you choose to have projects displayed as donut graphs (project radials), then when you hover over them you will see additional information. For example, if you choose "Percentage Duration Estimate" then when you hover over it you will see how many minutes/hours are remaining until you're done with all tasks.

Clicking the project radial

Clicking the project radial takes you to the project view for that project.

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