The week scheduler let's you see one week at a time with all the tasks you have scheduled for each day. 

To get to the week scheduler press "W" on your keyboard in the day view or click the "My week" tab in the day planning sidebar:

View customizations

See 5 or 7 days at a time

Clicking the "eye" button at the top right let's you configure if you want to see 5 or 7 days at a time.

Full-size tasks or minimized tasks

Unchecking the "Minimize tasks" option, shows you the tasks in full-size (just like in the day view) instead of minimized. 

Minimized tasks

Regular sized tasks (shows labels etc.)

Scheduling tasks in the week view

To schedule existing tasks from your Master List into your week, press "X" or click the Master List icon at the top right to open up the sidebar. From there you can drag and drop tasks into your days/sections just like you can in the day view. 

Adding new tasks in the week view

You an add/create tasks directly from the week view. Hover over the bottom of the list to make the plus button appear and click it to add a task.

When using a section strategy, each section has its own plus button.

Editing minimizes tasks in the week view

To edit a task when it it minimized you can either edit the title and use task input shortcuts (#, @, due etc.) or click the edit icon at the right to open up an edit menu. The edit menu will appear on the right if the sidebar editing is enabled or at the top.

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