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Is there a way to clone/duplicate a task?
Is there a way to clone/duplicate a task?

I want to do a task multiple times, what are my options for copying a task easily?

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If there is a task you want to do multiple times you have four options of how to set this up in Marvin. 

Which option works best depends on your specific use case. 

Clone function

Click on the edit button (cog) on your task and click the clone icon at the top.

This creates an exact duplicate of a task.

The clone button also works for bulk editing items

Pinned Task

If there is a task you want to do multiple times but not at a repeated interval you can turn on the strategy called "Pinned tasks" and pin a task in your Master List. 

Whenever you schedule this task it will schedule a copy of it and the original pinned tasks remains in your Master List so you can schedule it again and again. 

This is especially helpful if you want to do a task multiple times a day or if you want to keep lists in your Master List with task ideas you can do in specific situations (see image below).

Saved task

If there is a task you want to do over and over but you don't want the task to always show in your Master List you can use the "Saved Items" strategy. 

This strategy allows you to save any task you created and then load that task into your lists anywhere anytime by typing "load" and then selecting the task to load.

To save a task use the edit icon (cog) and then click the save icon at the top (floppy disk). .

You can also create saved tasks in the saved items overlay at the top right (through the menu)

Recurring task

For a task that you want to do multiple times at a regular interval it is best to set it up as a recurring task. This way you get one copy of it in the Master List and the task is automatically created and scheduled into the correct day for you.

Did we miss something?

If there is another way you would like to copy tasks, send us an email and let us know your use case and we can add more features for you. 

A way to select a task and copy/paste it via the regular keyboard shortcuts (ctrl+c / ctrl+v) is planned.

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