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Shortcuts can make navigation and working in Marvin much faster

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Marvin has many keyboard shortcuts and we are always adding more. 

Ultimately, our goal is to have Marvin be fully keyboard accessible.

What can shortcuts do? 

There are different types of shortcuts in Marvin. 

Task input shortcuts

These allow you to quickly add details to a task (similar to natural language processing in other apps but with symbols). 

Global shortcuts

These are keyboard commands that work from anywhere within Marvin to allow you to do things like open the search dialog to search for tasks (shift + s), quickly add a task to the Master List (spacebar) or navigate to a specific project or category (shift + spacebar). 

Overlay specific shortcuts

There are also shortcuts that are specific to an overlay. Let's say you are in the day view and quickly want to go to the Master List ("M") or you are in the planning overlay and want to open the sidebar ("X"), shortcuts make this very quick. 

All Marvin shortcuts

To get a list of all Marvin shortcuts inside the app, go to the menu at the top right, then "Help & Resources" and then click "Shortcuts". 

You can also find the list of all shortcuts here: List of all keyboard shortcuts in Marvin

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