The custom squares strategy allows you to connect "squares" to different Smart Lists so you have easy access to them from your day view. 

Clicking a square switches the list below to whatever Smart List is connected to the square, without leaving the day view.

Setting up your custom squares

To set up your squares go to the settings of the custom squares strategy.

You first have to create your Smart Lists that you want to use for your squares. 

You can then select the Smart List from the menu on the right to connect it to a square.

On the left, pick the color for your icon, the icon and give the square a custom name.

Save and your custom squares are ready to go!

Optional setting

The only setting for this strategy is whether or not you want to see the title of the currently selected list underneath the squares. 

Similar strategy

If you like a quick way to access certain Smart Lists you might also like the custom sidebar strategy

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