Custom Squares
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With this strategy you can configure a series of icon buttons that will show in your day view. Clicking a button will open up the list, link, or the view that is connected to it.

Custom Squares

Setting up your custom squares

To set up your squares go to the settings of the custom squares strategy (☰ β†’ Strategies β†’ Custom Squares).

Custom Squares strategy settings

Custom Squares can be connected to one of the following options. Keep in mind that some of them will only show up if a certain strategy is activated:

Customizing their appearance

To change the square icon or its color, just click on the icon on the left and to change the name of the square, click on the text and you'll be able to edit it.

Change icon and color of custom squares

Save and your custom squares are ready to go!

Optional settings

In the strategy settings you can also choose how squares are displayed and whether or not you want to see the title of the currently selected list underneath the squares.

Custom Squares display options

Similar strategy

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