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Snooze Feature

Hide a task or project until a specific time or for a set duration

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The snooze feature allows you to hide a task from your view until a specified time. 

To snooze an item hover over it and click the sleepy moon icon.

There are two snooze options:

  • One time snooze for a specific duration or until a specific time

  • Permanent snooze for a specific time

One time snooze

With the one time snooze you can quickly hide an item from your view until later in the day. This will only affect this task this one time.

Permanent snooze

If you set a permanent snooze time instead, this item will be hidden every day until the specified cut off time. This is useful for recurring items for example.

Use cases

Checking emails every 2 hours
Let's say you only want to check your emails every 2 hours. You can create one task called "Check emails" and once you tracked time on it or completed it a first time you can snooze it for 2 hours. So it will only become available again in 2 hours. 

Recurring task that can only be done after 5pm
If you have a recurring task you can't complete before 5pm every day. You can set a permanent snooze time for 5pm and the task will only show up at 5pm.

Looking to snooze items for days?

If you want to hide an item in the backburner until a specific day use start dates instead. 

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