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How to find snoozed tasks
How to find snoozed tasks

Want to un-snooze a task but don't know where to find it?

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In case you've changed your mind and want to un-snooze it, in this article you will learn where to find snoozed tasks and how to un-snooze them.

Master List

If you know which task you've snoozed and where it is located, you can just go to the Master List (by pressing "M" on your keyboard or by clicking on the link in the Sidebar) and find it there.

Finding snoozed task in the Master List

Once you've found it, you can click on the trash can icon to un-snooze it.

In this example I've used Right click menu to un-snooze it. In case you're missing this functionality you can add it by going to the ☰ πŸ‘’ Strategies πŸ‘’ Right click menu. You can also do this with Hover button actions or by using bulk editing menu.


If you have multiple snoozed tasks and want to find them all at once, you can use Search to do that. First, you should click on the filter icon and then enter isSnoozed in the advanced filter field. Once you do that, you will only see items that are snoozed.

Smart List

If you find yourself often un-snoozing tasks, you can create a Smart List that displays snoozed tasks and then add it to the sidebar. To do this, you should go to ☰ πŸ‘’ Smart Lists and create a new one. There you should use the "Advanced" option and enter isSnoozed.

After you create this list, you can add it to your Sidebar and see all snoozed tasks in the main view.

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