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Learn more about the events type in Marvin

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If you want to use events in Marvin in addition to your tasks you have multiple options. 

Task option

You can use tasks and modify them with strategies to have them separate from your tasks. In the workflow library there is a snippet called "Separate events" that will do this for you.

Event option

The other option it to turn on the events strategy. This strategy gives you another item type: events.

At the moment you can only add events either directly to the calendar and agenda or have them synced to your Marvin account from an outside calendar (select events as import type). 

Difference to tasks

Events show at the top of your day like this: 

At the moment events just have a date, time, duration and title. We will add more properties for events soon (notes). Events also do not have reminders yet.

Events cannot show in your task list or in any smart lists. They only show in the calendar and agenda or on top of your day. 

Events don't have a checkbox as you cannot complete them. This is another important way that they differ to tasks.

How to add events

To add an event simply click in the calendar or agenda where you want the task to appear and drag to extend the duration. 

Make sure the type is set to "event" before saving:

You can also add tasks to your calendar or time blocks (if the time blocking strategy is turned on).

In the control sidebar (press C or click on top right to open it) you can configure what gets added by default:


In the settings you can configure:

  • Whether to show events at the top of your day list (they always show in the calendar and agenda)

  • Whether or not events show in the mobile app

  •  The default color for your events. 

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