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Learn about the Marvin calendar strategy

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Turn on the calendar strategy to get a calendar view inside Marvin. 

Opening the calendar

To go to the calendar overlay, click "C on your keyboard from the main view or click the calendar button in the bottom menu:

Calendar Overlay

Here is what the Marvin calendar overlay looks like:

The current day is highlighted and there is a colored line that marks the current time of the day.

Switching views

On the top left you can switch between viewing a day, 5 days, a week or a full month. 

What shows up in the calendar?

In the calendar (day, 5-day, 7-day view) you can see tasks that are 

  • scheduled to a specific day

  • contain a specific time in the title (e.g. "11am call with Jane")

The length of the task is defined by its duration estimate

Month view

The month view differs from the rest since it shows items based on their due date (deadline) instead of when they are scheduled. 

We will likely add the option here to show scheduled items instead, so you can switch between seeing what is due and what is scheduled. 

Adding tasks to the calendar

You can either drag existing tasks into the calendar or create new ones by clicking anywhere in the calendar. 

To drag a task into the calendar, click the Master List button at the top right to open your schedule sidebar:

Then simply drag a task from the sidebar into the calendar.

To create a new task right in the calendar, click anywhere in the calendar to create a new task. 

You can move the task and change its size afterwards.

Filtering the view

If you only want to see certain items in your calendar at a time, click the controls button at the top right (cog) and use the filter in the sidebar:

In the controls sidebar you can also change the slot size so tasks snap to the grid every 5min up to every 30min. 

Changing the height property zooms in and out of the calendar. You can also use the number keys "1" and "2" on your keyboard to zoom in and out. 

Time Blocking

The calendar is also used for the time blocking strategy. Read more about time blocking in this article:

Removing time from a task

To remove time from a task, shift-click it in order to be able to edit it, and then click on the "X" icon to remove the time.

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