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Can I disable sync and use Marvin locally?
Can I disable sync and use Marvin locally?

Don't want to rely on our servers to store your data? No problem!

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In the account settings you can completely disable sync and then all your data only lives locally and does not get sent to our servers (with the exception of time tracking and notifications on the phone, see below). 

This works for the web app, desktop apps and mobile apps.

Without sync you of course will not have access to your data from multiple devices. But if you always use Marvin on the same device, this is an option. 

Using Marvin on multiple devices, separately

You can also use your account on multiple devices with each device having different data on it. So you can have your personal tasks in your home computer and your work tasks at work for example. All by using the same account. 

Use Desktop apps for better safety

If you disable sync completely, we do recommend you use the desktop apps instead of the web app.

When using the web app your data is stored locally in the browser. This means if you ever clear your browser data all your tasks are gone!

With the desktop apps your data is stored in your file-system.  In any case, since database corruptions happen from time to time, we strongly recommend making regular backups.

Time tracking does not work locally

There is only one feature currently that is not accessible without connection to our servers and that is time tracking.

The time tracking data is stored on our servers. We are considering another option to have a simplified time tracking also stored locally.

Push Notifications don't work locally

In order to send push notifications to the mobile app you have to use our server. Therefore, in order to respect user privacy, these notifications are disabled if you disable sync.

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