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How to automatically assign sections to items
How to automatically assign sections to items

Using Agenda and Custom Sections to automatically place tasks in appropriate sections

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In this workflow, you'll be using Agenda to place items in a certain time frame in your day, and then based on that, these items will end up in appropriate sections. To set up this workflow, you'll have to turn on the following strategies:

Creating Smart Lists

First, to automate this whole process, we'll create three smart lists, one for each section.

To do this, once you're in the smart list view, go to the "Advanced" filter and enter the following text, based on the smart list you're creating:

For Morning section:

time 08:00 >= time 12:00 <= && selectedDate scheduleDate == &&

For Afternoon section:

time 12:00 >= time 19:00 <= && selectedDate scheduleDate == &&

For Evening section:

time 19:00 >= time 24:00 <= && selectedDate scheduleDate == &&

You can of course adjust these times to your need! By using "selectedDate" filter in the smart list, it's possible to plan your days in advance.

Creating Custom Sections

Now that you have smart lists, you can make custom sections. In this example, I've made four sections: Not processed, Morning, Afternoon, and Evening. "Not processed" will be used for items that are not yet scheduled for the exact time in your day. 

Here's how the settings look like:

After you add a section, you'll have to connect it to one of the previously made smart lists, except for the "Not processed" section. By choosing to hide empty sections, you'll have a clearer view in your day. 

Using Agenda to schedule tasks

Once you're back in the main view, you can press "X" on your keyboard to toggle the sidebar view and see your "Today" list. Then by opening Agenda of your day, you can drag items from the list to your agenda.

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