You can create any kind of sections for your day that you want with this handy strategy. 

Turn it on and go to the strategy settings to set up your custom sections:

Your day now has your custom sections:

Setting the default section and hiding empty sections

In the settings you can decide which section is the default section. This means that any task that is not specifically created inside a section or has a section assigned goes there.

You can also choose to hide empty sections but keep in mind that adding a new task to an empty section will be slightly more complicated. You will then need to either use the "!" shortcut for choosing a section, or using "Set Section" option that you can add to the Right Click menu or Hover button actions.

Connecting sections to Smart Lists

If you wish to automate this, you can create a few Smart Lists and connect them with sections. For example, you can have tasks and projects sorted into 3 sections based on their duration estimates. To do that, you can first create 3 Smart Lists that select tasks based on how long it takes to complete them:

And then connect them with sections:

That way when you create a task with duration estimate it automatically gets sorted:

Another example is using custom sections to sort tasks based on when you're going to do them: How to automatically assign sections to items

You've turned on the strategy but still can't see the custom sections?

Since the item grouping isn't synced to the cloud you'll have to manually set the grouping on each new device. To do that, in your main view, click on the "Group by" icon and set grouping to the "Group by custom section". 

How to assign recurring tasks to sections

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