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Outlook setup FAQ and troubleshooting
Outlook setup FAQ and troubleshooting

What to do when your outlook or Azure Active Directory integration isn't working

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Starting from scratch

If something goes wrong when setting up your calendar sync, you can use the following steps to clean things up in order to start from scratch.

  1. Go to, click the Marvin app, and click "remove permissions"

  2. Open Marvin, then follow this guide to open the console, then type in sessionStorage.clear() and close the Marvin browser tab.

  3. Go to Outlook and sign out

  4. Open Marvin again and add your calendar in the calendar sync strategy settings.


While Outlook sync does sometimes work in Safari, it seems less reliable than Chrome, Firefox, and the new Edge. We recommend using one of these browsers for now, but hope to support Safari in an update soon.

Can I outlook sync with exchange?

It should be possible to sync with exchange so long as you have a Hybrid Deployment. This requires Exchange 2016 and you can find more info here.

Check the console for errors

If you are having trouble adding a calendar or syncing, the first step is to check the console for errors. Follow this guide to open the console, then click to sync or load calendars, and you should see an error message in the console. If you don't see any help below for your error, be sure to include the error when you contact support!

Id is malformed

This error happened in 1.54.0 for events that were created in Marvin and could cause the entire sync to fail! For now, load Marvin on pre ( and the problem should be fixed. You may have to try to sync twice in order for the problem to completely fix itself. If you are using your own AzureAD app registration, you may have to add a redirect URI for pre, as described in the setup guide.

Your App is not configured as a multi-tenant application

Go back to the Authentication settings in your app registration and scroll down to check the Supported account types. It should say "Accounts in any organizational directory (Any Azure AD directory - Multitenant) and personal Microsoft accounts (e.g. Skype, Xbox)". If it's instead configured as single-tenant, you'll need to change it (you may need to use the manifest editor) or create a new app registration. Contact support if you need help getting Marvin to use the new app, but the basic steps are 1. remove the calendar you have (calendar sync strategy settings), 2. Run "sessionStorage.clear()" in the console, 3. Close Marvin, 4. Re-open Marvin, 5. Add outlook calendar (calendar sync strategy settings) and click to setup AzureAD app registration again.

If for some reason you need to use a single-tenant application regsitration, please contact support from within Marvin and we'll find a solution!

Error opening popup window

You'll need to allow popups. If you're in Safari you should see a small popup window icon at the right side of your URL input bar. Click this to open the popup.


This error seems to occur if you frequently switch between accounts and/or app registrations. If you encounter this error, the easiest solution is to open another browser (Firefox, Chrome, and Edge have been tested during development) and use Marvin there. It may also be possible to resolve this error by signing out of your Microsoft account, running "sessionStorage.clear()" in the console, closing your browser, re-opening your browser, and setting up the calendar again. We hope to resolve this error in an upcoming update.

Something else?

Be sure to let us know by contacting support within Marvin and we'll try to get you setup.

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