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Automatic backups (desktop only)
Automatic backups (desktop only)

How to setup and access automatic backups

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Note: desktop-only!

Automatic daily or weekly backups are only possible on desktop for now! If you want to make weekly backups but don't or can't use the desktop app, just add it as part of your weekly review and perform the backup manually once a week. It's very easy and you might be glad you did it someday! OK, pretty please at least backup your data once ☺️.

How to

As of Marvin 1.54.1, your desktop app will make automatic weekly backups. If you have disabled this in the past, you will have to re-enable it. In either case, these backups can be enabled, disabled, and configured by going to ☰→Settings and clicking the Backups tab on the left:

When does Marvin make backups?

When automatic backups are enabled and the desktop app is running, Marvin will periodically check whether a day/week has elapsed, and will save a backup if either the desktop app is in the background (i.e. you are interacting with another program), or if you haven't taken any actions (mouse click or key press) in the last 30 seconds. This is done so that Marvin doesn't interrupt your work within Marvin with a backup.

Where does Marvin store backups?

If you scroll down beneath your list of backups, Marvin will show you where backups are being saved on your computer, as well as the total used size, the ability to manually run a backup right now, and the option to open or change your backup directory.

More info

Marvin doesn't automatically clean up old backups yet, so be sure to clean out old data you no longer need from time to time.

Super secure backups

You could add Documents/AmazingMarvinBackups to your Dropbox, Google Drive, or other cloud storage provider if you want even more reliability!

How to restore backups

See this guide on how to restore backups.


On macos you may see an error that Marvin wasn't able to read your Documents folder. In this case, backups are still correctly being saved, but Marvin just can't access them in order to show you when your backups were made. You can either fix this by changing your backup directory to a non-protected directory on your computer, or you can give Marvin access to read your Documents directory. To do this, open  → System Preferences → Security & Privacy. Then in the Privacy Tab (at the top), select the Files and Folders tab (on the left), then scroll down until you see Marvin, and click to enable the checkbox to give Marvin access to the Documents Folder.

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