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Reward Points

What are Reward Points, how can I earn them, and how can I spend them?

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Reward Points is a new feature that helps you reward yourself for your hard work! If you want to be rewarded by Marvin instead, check out Marvin Points.

Assign Reward Points to your tasks and projects based on how difficult and valuable they are to you. Think of it as some measure of how happy/relieved you'll be when this Task/Project is done.

Since Tasks and Projects have Reward Point value based both on how difficult they are and how important they are to you, you can use this strategy to keep track of both how hard and how smart you are working. Try to do a some difficult and some valuable tasks every day in order to really rack up the points, then reward yourself because you are awesome! Or if you're having a bad day, do a couple easy tasks and then reward yourself based on your accumulated points from good days in the past.

This strategy is quite flexible in that you can assign as many points as you like (including fractions of a point), and in that it has some options that let you build your own system. We've got some recommendations, but pick something that works for you and see how it goes! You can always reset your points later if you want to use the strategy differently.

Assigning Points

If you've enabled the Reward Points strategy, then you can assign points to a Task or Project by autocompleting with the "$" sign.

You can also add a right click or hover button action to set the Reward Points in the Right Click or Hover Buttons strategy settings:

which gives you:

Note: while Marvin uses a "$" sign for autocompletion and in its icons, you don't necessarily have to tie Reward Points to rewards that you purchase for yourself! Some users choose to do this, but you can also think of it as just a helpful shortcut.

You can also automatically assign points to Tasks and Projects that match Smart Lists using smart defaults.

Earning Points

When you complete a Task or Project, Marvin will give you reward points automatically! It's great to add some bonus points to Projects to give you the extra oomph to finish them, but probably you should assign most of the Reward Points to the Tasks within the Project (unless it's a project you can complete in one day) so that your daily Reward Point totals will be useful and to keep yourself task-focused.

Syncing Points

Don't worry if you earn Reward Points and don't immediately see them your other device. Your earned Reward Points live on the server and you should see them reflected on all devices after a few minutes (up to 30). You can always reload Marvin if you want to see the latest totals.

Earning Points while offline

If you don't have a network connection, then Marvin will cache your earned points and claim them once you have a network connection again.

Daily Goal

If you set a daily goal, then Marvin will show you how close you are to your goal for the day. This number could vary wildly for you based on how you assign points and how you're doing. But here's our recommendation: make your daily goal 20 points, then assign about 1 point for easy tasks and about 5 points for tasks that are very difficult or important to you.

Daily Reset

If you want to force yourself to spend points you earned that day, enable the "daily reset" setting. Don't forget to claim your rewards before midnight! You can always spend them a bit later if you're a super night owl.

Claiming and Spending Rewards

Congrats on your hard work! Reward Points can and should be spent on rewarding yourself. This could be a purchase with real money, or a nice treat like watching your favorite guilty pleasure TV show or playing a video game for an hour. You can setup one-off and pinned Rewards in ☰→Rewards. Click "Claim Reward" to spend your points. This adds it to your list of Earned Rewards.

Then click "Spend Reward" from this list once you've done it.

Why is there a two-step process? There are multiple ways to earn Rewards in Marvin, and often the time that you earn the Reward isn't the same as the time when you actually spend/use it.

See Rewards for more information about Open/Earned Rewards.

Coming Up

Since Reward Points help you track how hard and smart you work, this is a great way to track your productivity! We keep track of how many points you earn, so in the future you'll be able to see how you did this week vs last week, and other helpful info.

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