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Earn Marvin Kudos for being productive and unlock rewards!

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If you enable this strategy (☰ → Strategies → Marvin Kudos), Marvin will reward you with kudos, and with these kudos you'll increase in level. Leveling up unlocks additional cosmetic customizations within Marvin and other cool rewards.

Once you activate this strategy, you'll see your Marvin Kudos level on the top of the day view and when you hover over the progress bar, Marvin will tell you how many more kudos you need to get to the next level.

When you click on the progress bar, you'll see the list of rewards where unlocked rewards will be hidden.

Many of the rewards are animations that are used in the Check off behavior strategy.

Earning Marvin Kudos

Each time you check off a task to mark it as done, you'll earn kudos and the number of kudos you got for completing a task will pop up next to it.

Kudos are awarded based on a number of data points, for example whether you procrastinate, whether you meet your deadlines, task importance, priority, etc. Maximize your kudos by completing multiple tasks in a day, maintaining a streak of completing one or more tasks each day, and just getting lucky - Marvin may decide he likes your work ethic and award you bonus kudos.

Hint: use time tracking or time estimates to help make sure Marvin gives you the right number of kudos.

Disabling multipliers

If you don't want some tasks to get 2x or 3x more kudos for completing them, you can go to ☰ → Strategies → Marvin Kudos (settings) and disable the "Use multipliers" option.

Failed to claim Marvin Kudos

In order to get Marvin Kudos, you need to be online. So if you get this error message, your kudos will be claimed later when Marvin can connect to the server.

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