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Right-click menu

Configure which actions are shown when you right click

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Right-click menu strategy

When this strategy is on, right-click a task/project to edit it. Right-click menu is enabled by default, but in case you accidentally disabled it, you can enable it by going to ☰ β†’ Strategies.

Right-click menu for a task

Configuring this strategy will let you choose which actions are shown in this menu. In the strategy settings, you can reorder the buttons, add new ones and modify when they're visible. By reading this article you can learn more about customizing the right-click menu and the hover buttons menu.

Adding a new action to the right-click menu

Right-click on the GIF β†’ Open image in new tab to see it in the full resolution

Accessing the right-click menu using the "Quick Edit" action

The right-click menu can also be accessed via left-click using the "Quick edit" action in your hover buttons. This is the only hover button available in the Week Scheduler.

Using the Quick Edit to acces the right-click menu
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