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Hover button actions
Hover button actions

Configure which actions are shown when you hover over a task/project

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When this strategy is on, hover over a task/project with your mouse to view its hover buttons. Hover button actions are enabled by default, but in case you accidentally disabled them, you can enable them by going to ☰ → Strategies.

Hovering over a task

Configuring this strategy will let you choose which actions/buttons are shown in this menu. In the strategy settings, you can reorder the buttons, add new ones and modify when they're visible. By reading this article you can learn more about customizing the hover buttons and the right-click menu.

Adding a new action to the hover buttons menu

Right-click on the GIF → Open image in new tab to see it in the full resolution

Using the Quick Edit button in Agenda/Calendar, Master List and in Week Scheduler

Since tasks in these views appear more narrow compared to the day view, you might want to only display the "Quick Edit" button which opens your Right-click menu.

Using the Quick Edit to acces the right-click menu

My hover buttons are enabled but I don't see them

If you don't see your hover buttons in the day/main view, the first thing to check is that they're not accidentally hidden. Just hover over a task, and check if there's ⋯ button on the right side of the task. By clicking it you can display or hide the hover buttons menu.

Hover buttons not showing up

In case you don't see this button, you most likely have touch events enabled. To disable them, go to ☰ → Settings → Interactions

Disabling touch events
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