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Just a heads up, we are busy working on a big calendar update which will include a total time blocking update. 

What is time blocking?

Time blocking is a productivity strategy where you block out chunks of time in your calendar for specific activities. 

It is not the same as scheduling specific tasks onto a calendar where you would schedule a task like "Fill out form A-20" to do at 9:00 on Monday. 

But instead you might reserve Monday from 8-11am for "Paper work" and Tuesday from 1-5pm for "Marketing".

This is what a time blocking schedule looks like for example:

How to set up time blocks

To add a time block double click into the field where you want the block to start. 

You can then rename the block.
If the name of the block corresponds with the name of a main category, the color will automatically be taken over.

Picking a color

Otherwise you can pick a color for the time block by double clicking an existing block. The color will be applied to every block with the same name automatically.

Resizing a block

To resize a time block hover over it and click the little indicator at the bottom right and resize your block. 

A block can also span multiple days.

Moving a time block

You can move a time block by hovering over it until a hand cursor appears and then clicking it to drag.

Copy and pasting time blocks

Click on a block to select it (dashed line appears around it). Then use the keyboard to copy it (cmd+c) and click on any empty rectangle in the calendar to select it and paste it there (cmd+v).

Deleting time blocks

You can delete a time block by selecting it and then pressing "delete" on your keyboard. 

Alternatively double click a time block and click the delete button on the mini dialog that appears.

Copy and pasting entire weeks

In the top right corner you can also copy and paste an entire week at a time (or copy a over the previous week). 

When copying over an entire week, make sure that the current week is empty or you can get overlapping time blocks which will show up red:

You can delete them afterwards however.

Seeing the breakdown of your week

If you click the clock icon at the very top right a sidepanel opens on the left that shows you how much time you allocated this week for each area of your life:

You can also select an individual day at the top left to see the breakdown for each day of the week.

How time blocks show up in your day

The current time block will show as a colored bar in your day view like this:

Scheduling tasks into your time blocks

Once you have your basic time blocking schedule you can take it a step further (depending on your workflow) and schedule specific tasks or time to work on specific projects into your time blocks.

To do this, turn on the time blocking sections strategy. 

This will automatically section your day view by the time blocks of your day. 

Each time block section has a name, the timeframe for this block and the total time. The total time is helpful when using it in combination with duration estimates so you can make sure you schedule the right amount.

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