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You can set up Marvin to accommodate many different workflows.

How to modify workflows

Turning on and customizing the strategies will allow you to set up alternative workflows easily and quickly. You can switch up your workflows and experiment anytime. 

Experimentation is encouraged! Read why.

If you want to try out a premade workflow or use that as a starting point head to the workflow library and turn on a setup or snippets there.

The default Marvin workflow

By default (when you have no strategies turned on) Marvin is set up for a basic day planning workflow

The idea there is simple: you plan the next day by scheduling the tasks you want to get done into your day.

If you don't have a good workflow yet

Finding a workflow that works for you takes time. We will soon release a detailed guide on how to get there and host a webinar on this topic. 

We recommend to start with the basic day planning workflow.

This workflow works great for most people and allows you to quickly identify productivity problems for which you can then try to find a targeted solution.

If you already have a great workflow

If you are a productivity veteran and have a system that works well for you, you can most likely mimic that system already in Marvin. 

For most flexibility check out the "Smart List" strategy and "Custom Sidebar" strategy (or other strategies in the "lists" group).

If you want to mimic a specific app or method

The workflow library comes with a lot of different premade setups that mimic other apps and popular productivity methods (e.g. GTD, Ivy Lee, Eisenhower Matrix)

You can use these setups as a starting point to your own workflow or try out different ones to learn what works and doesn't work for you.

Reach out!

Have a specific workflow in mind, but not sure how to set it up?

Send us an email to We are always happy to help.

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