Eisenhower Matrix

Eisenhower - Categorize items based on importance and urgency

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When this snippet is on you get a matrix in your day view that sorts all your tasks and projects into the four Eisenhower quadrants based on urgency and importance

  • Focus: important & urgent

  • Important: important but not urgent

  • Urgent: urgent but not important

  • Maybe: neither important nor urgent

The urgency is based on due and end dates and the importance is based on the priority ratings.

Once activated, you'll see the matrix at the top of your main view.

This workflow snippet uses the following strategies:

To place items in the correct quadrants this snippet uses four smart lists.

As you can see, the smart lists also check for End Dates as well as Most Important Projects but you don't have to use either of those.

Modification: Only listing tasks (not projects)

If you want the quadrants to list tasks but not projects you can make the following modifications to the Smart Lists. When you go to ☰ -> Smart Lists hover the smart list with your cursor and click on the pen icon to edit it.

Then under "Item Type:" select "Tasks". 

Then under the "Advanced" field add the following:

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