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Using secret commands
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Some Amazing Marvin functionality is very advanced and/or used very rarely. We hide such functionality behind "secret commands". You can enter secret commands by pressing space bar to open the "Quick Add" bar (ensure that the Quick Add strategy is enabled):

Secret commands always start with a "_", for example: "_blur". Type this in the input bar at the top of your screen

then press enter. Depending on which command you used, you might see a message at the bottom informing you that the command worked:

In this case, typing "_blur" and pressing enter will blur the title of your tasks and projects and typing it again will unblur them:

These are other secret commands that you can use:

  • _i - to open the importer

  • _logout - to log out from your Marvin account

  • _blur - to blur and unblur task/project title

  • _planDay - to unhide Day Planning if you accidentally dismissed it

  • _cleanupTasks - to open the reschedule items dialog

  • _unhideEvents - to unhide the events mini list

  • _unhideTimeBlocks - to unhide the time blocks mini list

  • _unhideFocusPicker - to unhide Focus Picker button

  • _celebrate - try it out πŸ˜‰

  • _onboard - to restart onboarding which will also re-create onboarding tasks and schedule them for today

  • _ical - get ICS file containing tasks scheduled for the selected day

  • _ical agenda - get ICS file containing only tasks that appear in the agenda on the selected day

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