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Accountability Pledge

Some of us need the threat of real consequences to get the work done.

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The Accountability Pledge is a feature designed to help you stay committed to your tasks and projects by adding a financial stake to your deadlines. This feature is particularly useful if you struggle with tasks that lack external consequences, such as personal projects. Here’s how to enable and use it effectively.

Enabling the strategy

To enable the Accountability Pledge, go to ☰ → Features/Strategies → Accountability Pledge. Once enabled, you'll be asked to add "Add Accountability Pledge" button to your hover button menu, or the right-click menu.

Adding accountability pledges

When you're ready to use the feature, right-click on a task or project and select "Add Accountability Pledge." You will be prompted to pledge to complete the task by a certain deadline and specify a financial commitment. Choose your deadline and the amount of money you are willing to put on the line. Once you click save, the pledge is locked in and cannot be undone. You will be charged the pledged amount if you do not complete the task by the deadline. Deleting the task or missing the deadline both count as failing the pledge.

Tasks with a pledge will have a specific icon indicating their status.

To monitor your pledges, access the overview screen from the top right menu.

This screen shows pending pledges, successful completions, and failed pledges (either deleted tasks or missed deadlines). At the end of each month, you will tally up your pledges and be prompted to pay any outstanding amounts. Failure to pay will result in being unable to use the Accountability Pledge feature further.

Paying at the end of the month

You will not be automatically charged if you have lapsed pledges. Rather you will be prompted to pay in the ☰→Accountability overlay.

Pledge Deadline Alert

To ensure you don't miss deadlines, enable the alert from the workflow library. Go to the top right menu, click on "Workflow Templates", then "Snippets" and find the "Pledge Deadline Alert" snippet. Enabling this snippet will set up alerts to notify you when a pledge deadline is approaching.

The fine print

Use of this strategy is not obligating you to pay us. We will not go to collection agencies. Marvin will continue to work as usual - you just won't be able to use this strategy anymore unless you pay the pledged balance. Money you pay supports the continued development of Marvin.


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