Supported Calendars

Currently Marvin support calendar sync with the following calendars:

  • Google Calendar
  • Apple iCal
  • Yahoo Calendar
  • CalDav Calendars (this can be a lot of third party calendars)

There is no direct Outlook calendar sync yet, but this is planned.  Vote for this feature here.

Multiple Calendars

You can connect as many calendars as you need. Each calendar connection can have their own configurations.

Connecting your Calendar

Click on the Calendar Sync strategy settings to set up your calendars.

Click the "Add Calendar" button at the bottom to select your calendar.

Instructions for each calendar will be provided on selection. 

Should you run into any problems check out our troubleshooting articles. If that does not resolve it, reach out to support.

Setting up your Calendar Sync

Once your calendar is connected you have to configure how you want the sync to work. 

You want to pick: 

  • if the sync is one-way or two-way
  • if events get imported as tasks, events or time blocks (if time blocking is enabled)
  • if the imported items get a special label or category

IMPORTANT: If you want to be able to create tasks in Marvin that get synced to an outside calendar you have to select the tasks option AND specify a label or category. Only items matching this label or category will get synced. 

Two way vs. One way Sync

One-way sync means Marvin always has an exact replica of your data in the calendar. But any changes made to an imported item in Marvin won't get transmitted. If you are worried about messing up your calendar data by accident, this is the safe choice.

Two-way sync allows you to make changes to imported items in Marvin and those changes will get transmitted to your calendar as well. So deleting an item in Marvin, will delete that item on the calendar too.

Two-way sync also gives you the option to create tasks in Marvin that will get placed on the calendar. For this you have to specify a label and/or category and only items matching these specifications will get synced. Also note, it is not possible yet to sync events or time blocks created in Marvin to a calendar.

Changing sync

You can change between these two modes anytime.

Tasks vs. Events vs. Time Blocks

You can import your calendar events as tasks, events or time blocks

IMPORTANT: If your calendar events happen at a specific time (not relative to timezone) like a phone call or appointment, import them as events. Tasks and time blocks are relative to where you are located!

Category and Label

You can also specify a label or multiple labels that get added to an imported item and choose to have them go into a specific category. 

If you want to create tasks in Marvin that sync to a calendar, this step is necessary. Only tasks matching the category and label will get synced to your calendar if they are created in Marvin.

Removing a calendar connection

You can remove a calendar connection anytime by clicking the trash icon on the right. 

Clicking it will ask you whether or not you want to remove all imported items from this connection in Marvin. Deleting these items won't affect the original items in your calendar even with two-way sync.

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