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Sharing strategy (☰ β†’ Features/Strategies β†’ Sharing) allows you to share lists of your tasks and projects with friends, family, or colleagues, both Marvin users as well as those who aren't using Marvin.

Sharing strategy

Accessing your shared lists

After you enable the strategy, you'll be asked how do you want to access your shared lists. You can choose to add them to the Skinny Sidebar, regular Sidebar, or both, and in case you later change your mind, you can always additionally add it to one of these in the Skinny Sidebar/Sidebar strategy settings.

Adding access to shared lists to the skinnny sidebar

Sharing items and creating shared lists

To create your first shared list, you'll have to choose an item that you want to share. After you do that, you can share it either using the bulk editing menu or by clicking on the "Share" button in your hover buttons menu or the right-click menu. If you choose to use the latter but you're missing the "Share" button, you'll have to manually add it in the strategy settings.

Sharing tasks and projects using the share action

When creating a shared list, you're required to set its name and additionally you can create a note that describes the list and change the permissions. By default, everyone who has access to the list can view the list, leave comments on tasks/projects and complete them.

Creating a shared list

Once you click on the "Share" button you'll get a link to your list and you'll be able to send an invitation email to those you want to share the list with.

Inviting others to a shared list using an email or a link

Deleting and editing a shared list

To make changes to a shared list, invite others, or delete the list, just open it in the day/main view and click on the icon next to its name. You can do the same by clicking on the pen/edit icon when you hover over the list in your sidebar.

Editing a shared list

Removing an item from a shared list

To unshare a task or a project from a shared list, just shift-click on the shared icon indocator.

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