Bug Me

Have Marvin bug you until you complete very important/urgent tasks.

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Bug Me strategy in ☰ → Features/Strategies

How it works

Some tasks are so important/urgent/dreadful that a few extra reminders are in order. When you turn on this strategy and mark a task as Bug Me (in the Edit menu), you'll receive reminders until you've finished the task.

Task project edit menu

You can edit a task to set its Bug Me reminder schedule, or set the defaults in this strategy's settings (☰ → Features/Strategies → Bug Me).

Bug Me strategy settings - setting default reminders

Enable or edit the Right Click or Hover Button Menu settings if you don't see the Edit Action.

The ONLY way to get Marvin to stop bugging you about the Task is to mark it as done.


This differs from Task Reminders in that Task Reminders are scheduled to arrive on a particular date at a particular time, whereas Bug Me reminders pop up periodically until you finish the task.

Extra tip

Be sure to try the Procrastination Wizard (☰ → Features/Strategies → Procrastination Wizard) if you're still having trouble getting Bug Me tasks done.

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