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Common questions on how to do things in Marvin

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What is "pre"?
Exporting projects using the Copy action
Shared lists - for nonusers of Marvin
How to unlink an item from the calendar
Schedule Tomorrow vs Push off one day
What is the "new" tag/label that shows up on my projects/tasks?
Bulk editing calendar items
Importing tasks and flagged emails from Outlook
What are phases and how to use them
How to disable the "show all" functionality
How to have all projects expanded by default
How to find snoozed tasks
How can I enable spell check in notes?
How to bulk snooze tasks
How to visually indicate tasks with tracked time
How can I hide certain items from my today list?
Scheduling tasks for today from anywhere within Marvin
Setting a default sort of recurring tasks
How to make Effort/Value matrix
How to add items to the Sidebar
How to delete all the current content
How to reset your Marvin to default setup
How to bulk change due dates to do dates
How to see Marvin above the main input bar
Can I restart the tutorial?
How can I restart the onboarding/introduction/explanation in the beginning?
Can you configure the desktop shortcut to add tasks?
Importing your data using Generic CSV option
Reordering tasks in a saved project
How to set a task to be done during weekdays (e.g. Mo-Fr)
How to change the input bar at the top of your list.
What is the best way to provide feedback and new ideas to Marvin?
How can I bulk add planned week/month?
What happens if you shut down?
How to add tasks with amazon alexa
What is the difference between scheduling and planning a task?
What is archive mode?
Are there any premium features?
Why can't I turn a project into a task?
How to add one-click timers in the custom sidebar
How to add tasks with Siri
What are the internal custom sidebar links?
How to add hyperlinks to task and project titles/notes
How to set up a Kanban board
How can I make a Smart List for a specific day of this week?
Advanced filter for items with no duration estimate
How can I un-hide completed tasks in my day?
When does the new version come to desktop?
How to quickly remove dates with shortcuts
How can I quickly save a website to Marvin?
How to delete your account
How to blur your items
How can I schedule a task for a specific time?
Advanced smart list examples
How can I make a Smart List with every item that does not have a time estimate?
How to log out/log off Marvin
How to set up a recurring task for every week day
Sand timer
Tomato Timer
How to only see work hours in agenda view?
How can I only see recurring tasks for today and tomorrow in my week scheduler.
How to search for completed tasks and projects
How to create a Smart List based on sections.
Is there a way to clone/duplicate a project?
How to filter out future tasks in a Smart List
How to just see one instance of a recurring task in a Smart List.
How to only put a portion/subset of tasks into the jar
How to remove a label from a task or project.
How can I edit time track data?
How can I view my backup data
How can I see a list of all my tasks?
How can I see to what project or category a task belongs?
How to enter a new task at the top of the list?
How can I see a list of all Marvin shortcuts?
How can I see what is new with each version?
How can I adjust the font size and thickness?
How can I check the version of my app?
How can I know when there is a new version and update to the latest?
How to sort your Smart Lists
How can I create a Smart List with exactly matching labels?
Where can I see my completed tasks and projects?
How to format text in notes
How can I see a list of all my projects?
I cleared my browser cache/data, is my data gone?
How to create tabs for Smart Lists
How to add a permanent note to a recurring task
What are conflicts (Sync Health Check)?
Is my data safe when sync is disabled?
How can I save the parent category/project of a saved task or project?
How can I add contexts in Marvin? (GTD)
How can I set recurring tasks to show up in a specific section?
How to view all priority-starred Tasks
How to change the time/duration estimate on an existing task?
How can I turn a reward task back into a regular task?
How to assign a recurring tasks to a section
How can I update my desktop app?
How can I add/change the color of a category/project?
How can I work directly from a Smart List?
How can I add emojis to my tasks and projects?
How can I hide/collapse the subtasks of a task?
How can I see how old a task/project is?
How can I filter with multiple labels or categories in a smart list?
How do I get to the strategy settings?
I have a task I need to recur at least x days and at most x days, how do I set this up?
Keyboard shortcuts in Marvin
Is there a way to clone/duplicate a task?